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Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher

The hammer mill crusher crushes by the collision between high-speed hammer and materials.
  • High crushing ratio.
  • No over crushing.
  • Low cost, easy maintenance.
  • Uniform discharging size.


The hammer crusher is developed for dry and wet type crushing of brittle and medium-hard materials for the mining, cement, coal, metallurgic material, construction material, road building, and petroleum and chemical industries. The hammer mill crusher crushes by the collision between high-speed hammer and materials.

Working Principle:

Stone hammer crusher strikes the stone by the high speed rotating hammer, then the stone self-open and vulnerable parts are crushed. When the stone fall into the crushing cavity, it is crushed by the high speed rotating hammer. At the same time, the stone get kinetic energy during the impact, and rush to the crushing plate and grid section, and get a further crushing. In addition, during the whole process, the stones striking each other, and have a crushing effect. After crushing, the stones are discharged from grid sections, few big stones will be crushed again by the hammer until they can be discharged from the gap. 

Henan Professional Hammer Crusher Manufacturer 

Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd has been manufacturing hammer crushers for many years. we produce single-stage hammer crusher, vertical hammer crusher, high-efficiency hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher. Based on customers' needs, the grate space can be adjusted.

Technical data

Specifications Feeding Size
Discharging size
Motor power
Total weight
PC400*300 ≤200 ≤25 5-10 11 0.8 900*670*860
PC600*400 ≤250 ≤30 10-22 22 2.26 1200*1050*1200
PC800*600 ≤250 ≤35 18-40 55 4.8 1310*1180*1310
PC1000*800 ≤350 ≤35 25-50 75 5.9 1600*1390*1575
PC1000*1000 ≤350 ≤35 30-55 90 8 1800*1590*1775
PC1250*1250 ≤350 ≤35 35-65 132 14 2060*1600*1890
PC1400*1400 ≤350 ≤35 50-100 280 32 2365*1870*2220
PC1600*1600 ≤350 ≤35 100-150 480 37.5 3050*2850*2800

Product Order

If you still have any questions about Hammer Crusher,please do feel free to contact with our online service or leave us a message/e-mail, we will call you back a.s.a.p.

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