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Gravity Separation Processing Technology

Gravity Separation Processing Technology

Gravity separation is not restricted by material’s size, assume that the full dissociation between minerals, tailings can exclude as coarse as possible, thereby reducing the grindi...
    High enrichment, good sorting index. Low power consumption. Simple structure,and easy maintenance.


Gravity separation Introduction:
Gravity separation is not restricted by material’s size, assume that the full dissociation between minerals, tailings can exclude as coarse as possible, thereby reducing the grinding energy needs. In addition, gravity separation don't need drugs. Since the tailings discharge and waste purification is simplified, it not only reduced the main costs but also reduced the environmental costs. Gravity separation is suitable for tungsten, tin , ferrous metal etc ore beneficiation.

Gravity Separation Equipment Needed:
Hydraulic classification YunXi type classification box, mud separate bucket, conical heavy medium separation machine, heavy medium vibration chute, heavy medium cyclone, bevel wheel heavy media separator, jigger, spiral chute , shaking table, eddy current separator, photometric sorter etc.

Flow Diagram

Gravity Separation Equipment Gravity Separation

Gravity Separation Process:
Ore gravity separation process is composed of a series of continuous operation. The nature of the work can be divided into three parts such as preparation operations, sorting operations, and product processing operations. Preparation operations
A: Crushing and grinding to make useful minerals monomer dissociation.
B: Ore washing and desliming for the multi gum or containing many clay minerals.
C: Ore classification according to particle size by screening or hydraulic classification method, Ore were selected after grading, is helpful to choose operating conditions, improve the separation efficiency.
(2) sorting operations, is the main ore sorting process. Sorting process from simple to complex, Simple sorting is composed of unit operation, such as heavy medium separation.
(3) Product processing operations, mainly referring to concentrate dehydration, tailings transportation and storage.
Gravity Separation Advantages:
1.High capacity, modern mineral processing objectively requires to create benefits economies by scale effect. 2.The effect of micro-fine particles is remarkable, especially for -01037mm particles has obvious effect, the original equipment.
3.can basically guarantee +01037 mm size particles’ s recovery.
4.High enrichment, good sorting index.
5.Low power consumption.
6.Simple structure,and easy maintenance.

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