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Some Steps to Improve Productivity of Ball Mill

Source:Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. Date:06/18/2014

 Ball mill is frequently used for cement production equipment in cement industry. The output of ball mill will influence the output of the entire cement production line directly. Therefore, how to improve the output of ball mill is a topic which many people concern about. Now the engineer of Xingbang introduce three methods about improving the output.

1. Improve the Rate of Filling and Turning.
The processing capacity of ball mill increases with the filling rate of the steel ball. Improving the filling rate increases the chance of steel ball grinding and the self-grinding effect of ores. The ball mill load is the largest when the steel ball's filling rate reaches 45%, and the load will decline dramatically if the filling rate exceeds 45%.
2. Change the Shape of Grinding Medium.
We can choose oval ball medium instead of current ball medium, and compared with ball medium, the oval ball has advantages as follows:
1. The ball surface area of Oval ball increases by 8% compared with ball with the same diameter, increasing the contact surface of the steel ball medium and material and improving the grinding ability;
2. Oval ball is 62% heavier than ball with the same diameter, so it has a stronger impact force and a stronger crushing capacity.
3. The line contact of oval ball replaces the spot contact of ball, having a contact area 4 times larger than the latter. So it have a better grinding and screening effect to materials and no over grinding phenomenon. Its final products are even in granularity.
3. Improve the speed of the ball mill
Improving speed can directly improve the work efficiency of ball mill, thus the installation of speed adjusting device to improve the speed of the ball mill appropriately can improve the work efficiency to some extent, and also inverter has a similar effect.

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