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Daily Methods in Maintaining Jaw Crusher From Technicians

Source:Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. Date:04/28/2014

When speak to jaw crusher maintenance,the important thing we need to consider is daily maintenance. The most important daily maintenance work is to do crusher lubricating parts. If you can keep jaw crusher lubricating parts in a good state,then your jaw crusher also can be uses for a long time. There are some steps which you need to follow to do lubrication,as following:

First,add lubricant to jaw crusher regularly. You need to add lubricant every three to five days. Reguarly to add lubricant is the most important factor which can to ensure your jaw crusher can work well and has long working life.
Second,add lubricating grease to jaw crusher regularly. Every three to six months,you need to add lubricating grease. Besides, the lubricating grease that needs to add into the plate of shaft bearings is 50%-70% of total volume of the plate. Before adding lubricating grease,you need to clean the roller path of rolling bearing. Of course,please don't forget to open oil drain hole when you are cleaning.
In using process, as long as we regularly check, maintain and master wear cycle of equipment parts, we can early find equipment defection and timely repair or replace them so as to extend lifespan of breaker crushers. Hence, timely repair is an important link to ensure normal production of equipment.
Being think of innovation and persistent pursuit of excellence is our development theme since it has been established. XBM’s persistence is not only showed on manufacturing and technologies Constantly upgrading and optimization, but also showed on meeting customers’ requirements seriously and professionally.

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