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Factors of Choosing Lubricating Oil of Jaw Crusher

Source:Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. Date:04/17/2014
1.The specific ways of add lubricant
As we all know there are many ways to add lubricant. such as using grease gun to lubricate the bearing of jaw crusher, centralized lubrication, permanent lubrication and so on. So in choosing lubricant to consider specific lubricating ways, and then lubrication.
2. Actual working conditions of jaw crusher
If the vibration of jaw crusher is large, you can use the lubricant of  high viscosity but damping effort, which can reduce vibration to effect lubrication.
3. The purpose of using lubricant
According to the purpose, Selecting proper lubricant. While in good seal condition, we also consider that lubricants and sealing media can coexist.
4.Economic applicability of lubricant
Choosing lubricant of jaw crusher must consider economic applicability. on the premise of good lubrication, we should reduce cost. 
The choice of lubricant of jaw crusher can effect the operation, so we must select seriously based on these factors. The suitable and economic lubricant of jaw crusher can bring more benefits for the enterprise.

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