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Grinding technology applied in mining machinery area

Source:Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. Date:08/16/2013

 Grinding equipments are very important in mining equipments area.Mining grinding equipments including crushers and grinding mills.The mining grinding equipments are used to grind the solid material into powder.


The features of grinding equipments are high energy cost,so much wear resistant and grinding media ,much dust and noise.Using the grinding technical can grind the material into small size.The grinding technical are choosed according to the raw material physical properties, the size of the material,and the size of the final product.About the hard material, user should adopt extrusion,bending and cleavage;About brittle material,user should adopt impact and cleavage.If the material is big,the grinding machine should adopt the cleavage and bending;if the size of the material is small,user should adopt impact and grinding.If the selection of grinding technical is not suitable, the phenomenon that grinding difficulty and over-grinding may happen,which may add the energy cost during the production process.

Crushing ratio is the change of the material size before and after crushing.For single machinery,crushing ratio is equal to the ratio of max feeding size and max output size.For crushing system composed by multiple crushing machinery,it is equal to the ratio of feeding size and output size,or it is equal to the multiplication of each single equipment crushing ratio.When use the crushing equipments to crusher material,the grinding ratio is also called crushing ratio.When the grinding ratio is required highly,the grinding working may need a grinding system which combined by many grinding equipments.The material will be have serval grades grinding,and the size of the material becomes smaller and smaller,and reach the size of the requirements.

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