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The working principle and the working process of the ball mill

Source:Henan Xingbang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd. Date:08/15/2013

      The ball mill is made by the cylinder body,shell cover,bearing and main gear

rim.About the cylinder body, put the diameter is 25mm--150mm steel ball or steel rod,
this called the grinding mediums, all the grinding mediums take the 25%-50% of the
whole ball mill machine.About the shell cover,at the two side of the body have shell
cover,Use screws and cylinder at the end of the flange connection,Cover with a hole
in the middle of the shell cover, is named the Empty shaft neck. About the
bearing,Diameter hollow shaft support in bearing,the cylinder can return.About the
big main bear rim, it is fixed in the shell cover.
          The working process of the ball mill,the work is happened in the inner of the ball
mill and the shell have reach a high speed rotatin when it taked the sport with the
shell body. The medium fall up because it's shelf-weight,the mineral get the high and
 strong push from the medium, at the other side, the medium in the shell body sport
with revolution and rotation, among the extrusion and grinding strip force of the
medium and the shell body, so the stone will be crusherd.

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